Illumine, Now and Then


Here is a remake in pencil of a page I did more than six years ago using an ultrafine Sharpie and Faber-Castell colored pens. You will see when comparing to the below original page that I changed a few of the words, and that I distilled the design elements to the essential and magic-realismed the girl into self-illumination.


I THINK the remake is a significant improvement, but since I finished it less than an hour ago I might be too close to it to be objective enough to judge. I KNOW I can do better, and would have had I more time. Can’t wait to retire! [smiles]

  1. Sean-Michael said:

    I Love the colors but agree it is improved. How wonderful. I look forward to seeing where you take this next

    • Many thanks, Sean-Michael. I’ll try again in 2019, reality willing!

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