The Earth & the Spoon


A belated (or be-earlied, if you celebrate the Chinese New Year) to you all.

Here are the words to the pseudo-haiku:


january first
(reboot opportunity)
two thousand fourteen

Here are the words to the threefold acrostic:


The local SPACE & TIME become a sheathe
Enamel writhes & metal base enwreathes
A surface vessels & en-Abels slurp
Recall of stirs & Dempsey vs. Firpo
The mother & umbilicus part so
Here thrive a sun & son & song: très bon

Note two important corrections made on the last line. Shame on me for disagreement of subject and verb, and more shame for not having used accent grave originally…

And yes, dear readers & viewers: I am still stuck on spoon. [wry smile]

  1. The spoonship links the Earth to the Moon! Happy New Year Gary! Bonne année!

    • A very Happy New Year to you, friend Michel. May this be your best year yet!

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