Two Holy Molys

My friend Joe challenged our poetry group to write a poem about metal, but not gold, silver or platinum. I wrote this:

yum yum yum molybdenum
say it thrice it makes you thrum

with it i am o so chummy
want to be molybdenummy

love it quickly love it slowly
worship it as holy moly

moly ringwald moly hatchet
moly fever let’s all catch it

that is why i gave it chase
wound up with a moly face

This morning I frantically riffled through my archives for a second Holy Moly. Here it is:


Two Holy Molys will see me safe to Phoenix, where I’ll see my mother, my daughter, and, I hope, my ailing stepfather. Au revoir!

  1. dtdeedge said:

    One of the refractories,
    She is tough,
    And deals well with harshness.
    But she is fleeting,
    And will evaporate given the chance.
    Moly is strange,
    And enabling.
    A true wonder.

    • A most worthy addition to the Molybdenum Poetry genre. (Hey, if there’s a Spam Haiku genre, there ought to be more Molybdenum Poetry!)

  2. kwicksand said:

    So I looked up molybdenum and tried to educate myself today…all cuz of you!

    • Glad to hear it, TR. I’m grinning now, all cuz of you!

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