GB + DH (True Love)

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear Girlfriend, Denise. Denise, I custom-created this for you while watching the very romantic movies WOMAN OF THE YEAR and PRIDE OF THE YANKEES. Hope you like it!Image

Sorry about the crappy-phone-camera photo quality, Darling. I’m Scannerless right now.

Here are the words, from me to you:

Get kisses right before we sleep: all very well and good
Great chemistry as surely as mahogany is wood
But thorough bliss is unfulfilled unless a savored wish
Be shared be sought be striven for be Had–we DO? Delish!


  1. Renard Moreau said:

    [ Smiles ] That is a fabulous sketch!

    • So glad you do, and I you, and we are together today!

    • But, dear Kathy–you are LIVING The Poem. No need for envy–or should I have Cruising-through-Europe-looking-for-truffles envy? [smiles] Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend!

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