O I C Her/Heroic Extras


I keep getting possessed by a lovesickeningly romantic Sap who thinks life is hunky-dory as long as She Loves Me and, contrariwise, life is horrible if She Loves Me Not. Every so often I let him ride the Pencil and the Rhyme-Scheme-atron. This is one such time.

Here are the saccharine words:

Overtures at any other time may have been rash
Out of their contextual ensconcement–likely hash
If, however, frank assertions from a soulmate’s cache
Infiltrate a heart it may restore one’s hope, for sure
Cats who are enthusiastic tend to preen and purr
Catch a wholesome ecstasy: just meet a gaze and stir

The Sap wants me to point out the hidden message of the middle words: other contextual assertions restore enthusiastic ecstasy. Sap, it is done. Now please get lost until I need you again…


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