Ricki Losee and Her World of Happy Things


Today I had the privilege of working with two of the true Sweethearts of the Village Gallery. One of them was Ricki Losee, as above. I hope to devote a future post to the other of them, but for today she will remain anonymous.

As for Ricki, her artwork in Prismacolor pencils is a celebration of vibrant, color-saturated life.  She is at one with nature, especially with those creatures she deems Happy Things, which include birds and butterflies. Every nature drawing I have seen of hers has love, loyalty and creature-fellowship in it.

This page occurred mostly during a lull in the early shift, when Ricki asked me about my poetry and I decided to demo it for her, noting the happy fact that both of her names, Ricki and Losee, are five characters long. While I worked I talked to her about things important to her. Reverence for life is way up there, as is her love for her ornithology-inclined daughter, who is studying raptors, golden eagles in particular, and in pursuit of a Ph.D. So I have surrounded Ricki with not only a few sketchnails of her drawings, but also a golden eagle in full wingflex.

The words to the eponymous double acrostic are these:

Reverence for life ensures you have a tale to tell
If you see some Happy Things they just may say Hello
Cackles, birdsong, cacophonic squawks–and so it goes
Keeping conversation with a Condor? Do not grouse
It may turn to dietary issues–like a mouse

    • Thanks so much, Michele! I remember well the conversation you and I had about your work. Hope your Ph.D. arrives timely and not too stressfully. 🙂

  1. pjhoisch said:

    Hi Gary, I would be honored to be a subject of your blog.

    • That’s great, Patty! Made my day! Talk to you soon!

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