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Today the blogmonth ends with a visual experiment. A doodly beginning to a possible page was accordion-folded and then scanned with a white eraser holding the scanner cover slightly opened. Subsequently, midtones and contrast and color of the image were boosted and/or altered using a photo editor. Conclusion: could set off the right image nicely; could be a distracting gimmick otherwise…



walt disney is responsible for an ersatz second coming
of jesus christ
and the quite real renewed threat
of satan

people with a need not to blaspheme
created new language: one could darn and not damn;
one could visit heck and not hell;
and thus we euphemize the eucharist

“jesus christ!” was defanged
to “jiminy christmas!”
and we saw that it was good
and didn’t hurt

well, along came walt
and with him a big-pale-green-headed waistcoated
mutant offshoot of the family gryllidae
repurposing a wooden boy from pathological liar to honest abelet

that’s the stuff, pinoc’!” he’d chirp
and victoriously brandish an impossible insect fist
but satan lurked within those innocent cels
with the implication of pulled metastrings

pinocchio could be led by his everlonger nose at will
by a sly fox or his own wannawanna
and so (so the saga goes) it takes another nosegrabber
to steer him to correctness with earwhispered encouragement

darn you, walt
i cannot even daycream [sic[k]] about stuff i’d really rather do
like gettin drunk or profligately laid or bingeing on gamblinfoolery
without your monstrously anthromorphed homunculus buggin me

and i long to be good on my own
by uncoerced choice
cricket free


…sort of. I intended to overlay it with an acrostic poem, but reconsidered.

Had I done so, the double acrostic spelling OFF THE/GRID might have read like this:

O wish us well who have an other Calling
For we are out, at risk, and fun to slur
Forthrightness none too often gets one Hi
The sad fact is that most think it’s absurd

Would the image have been better off with these words overlaying it? Probably not; it’s busy enough; but words and image may one day share a page in a book of my illustrated poetry.


Yesterday, following my post on Patty Hoisch, my friend, classmate, and fellow insomniac Beth Facebooked-messaged me that she liked Patty’s jewelry and wondered if it were available online. I steered Beth to Patty’s Etsy presence, and, as if to prove that no good deed goes unpunished, Beth subsequently told me that she should have been trying to sleep, but instead bought earrings, and that therefore I owed her $15.00.

Of course she was kidding, and so was I when I asked if a $15.00 drawing would satisfy her claim on my assets. “Even better,” was her instant answer. And then came the alchemy: I decided to do the drawing, send it to her, and make a blog post of the drawing and how it came to be. Here we are, and bless you, Beth, for supporting the arts with your $15.00 earrings purchase. (By the way, my drawing is valued at $150.00. My friends get a 90% discount. [grins])

And here are the words to the triple acrostic:

Forsooth, vermouth, then toothy smile
Regaled, assailed, benailed & riled
Entrapp’d, enraptured, captured well
EGAD! Be glad! Your life’s Unhelly

Readers may hit a speed bump with that final seeming non-rhyme. But if you slop the third line a little into the fourth, you can use the E of EGAD! to make it work. (House rules, folks! [grins again])

PS: This is the second day in a row a page has come to be due to a woman of many talents. Beth has been a medical doctor; she is now an outstanding pastel artist, with still lifes to rival the Old Masters. She’s also, often, playfully edgy, and vice versa. No details on request; sorry! [grins yet again, the grinning fool!]


A few posts ago I featured my Village Gallery colleague Ricki Losee and mentioned that there was one other artist that I hoped to do a page on. Here is the page, and here is she. Patty Hoisch is a person whose talents include songwriting, song performance, lapidary, jewelry design and meeting management–and I’m just scratching the surface here. She is also patient and gracious, even in the face of a horrible pun perpetrated in her name: I asked her if she were familiar with STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION; she said yes; I then suggested she get a ST:TNG Patrick Stewart action figure, “…so you can be Hoisch by your own Picard.” She should have done me grievous bodily harm; instead she smiled, politely but sweetly.

She has a website, Wild Hare Arts, which showcases her beautiful creations. Here is a link:

Here are the words to the quadruple acrostic:

When a happy whispered Aaaaah
Infiltrates a cloister’s spa
Let coquettish smiles appear
Delicately chart [or chase] a sphere

In the background of my drawing is a page of the sheet music she wrote for the cello part of her song “Shadow on the Wall.” Her husband Tom plays electric cello, and the two of them make beautiful music together.