everyone was baseball today

everyone was baseball today
from residents of peoria
to the guy with the russian accent hawking his sno-cones
from the chewers of gum who wish it were tobacco
to the neverplayagain first base coach whose skin is naugahyde

everyone was baseball today
the guys singing the national anthem mispronounced ‘perilous’
just as they must
the bigshot with the 242mill contract got picked off third whilst daydreaming
(on an island? on a magazine cover? in a desirable woman?)
the dutiful dugout guys signing autographs sometimes warm up to a kid with a sharpie
the ump easing into a chatup with a guy who’s lucky just to be at spring training
and will soon be gone forever

CRAK! went bats a-r-c went the white pillish sphere hustle! went young legs turning a double play
cleated-up-green-grass wafted over us down the third base line
the sky was baseball the woman with the twofoot lens was too and the cheap-food vendors
and we all grinned with baseball today


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