lovewatch; visual koan; hello, dalai



And in conclusion, here’s something written in response to a challenge that reads, and I quote, “Write a poem about the Dalai Lama’s lost weekend.”

hello, dalai

who’s that guy at the bar
oh it’s me
lama lama ding dong
hey tarbender
gimme one with everything bwah hahahaha
i’ll have a sloe gin fizz
but make it fast

[three drinks later]

hey babe
lao me to innaduce myself
i’m the fourteenth reincarnation
of the big eightfold cheese
of tibetan buddhism

no i don’ have a light
unless enlightenment counts
oh okay seeya

[three drinks later]

row row row yer bodhi
genly down the streeeet
mellowly mellowly mellowly mellowly
lives are too discrete

[three drinks later]

hey babe
lao mi to induce myselv
i’m the lama yer dreams
and i’m up for grabs
and when i undress
i disrobe

hey whey ya goin??!

who yagodda drink to get a screw around here


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