NaPoWriMo Poem for April 9

detha of a manstunt

you’re gonna need an instand for this scene, rocko
use a dubstuntle a manstunt
for you can bet dollnuts to doughers
they’ll celcan your sureinance if you don’t

so it wasn’t the torac who strolled in on the sircoroc
it was the manstunt
looking so holepess on the hizoron

he squidten at his eniesem
they all drew at enoc
and so flew the hobbirel ahil of etbulls

migr and demintered the manstunt carlwed down the mian lien
beedling presoufely
and with his dygin bareth
stodo adn stublemd pats the twon litims

the stuntman died in the shadow of the sign
a triumphant smile on his face
for he’d run the gauntlet of confusion
and would go to his reward ungarbled

“WECLOME TO ANAGRAM” said the sign
“ETS. 8281”


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