NaPoWriMo Poem for April 12, 2014


long ago i read the godfather
and learned of the word and concept omerta
translation: silence
concept: it is dishonorable to inform law enforcement of crimes

when my brother was a guest of maricopa county
and its testosterone-poisoned sheriff
he learned the doggerel phrase
snitches with faces full of stitches
you don’t snitch in tent city
not if you know what’s good for you

don’t ask don’t tell
was a buzzphrase for quite a while

yet journalists and poets are in the business of telling on the world
some are deemed heroes

here is a tale out of school:
this–what i am doing right now–is coming to be
because someone i barely know
but is a “facebook friend”
posted a photo of a woman
and said this is the woman my husband is dating;
what do you think about that?

well i never was my first and kneejerk response
she was telling on him
wow what a can of worms
but then: count on this happening more and more
and finally: tell on yourself
if you mess up fess up
hey–how about not messing up in the first place?


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