NaPoWriMo Poem for April 22


Blunt Object, Blunter Mind

Once upon a time there was an object.
It was colloquially known as a Sap, or a Blackjack, or a Cooler.
It was leather and it was filled with birdshot or some other form of lead
And it was used as a weapon.
You’d read about it in detective/crime magazines.

Doing an Internet search on the keywords Sap Blackjack Cooler
One finds that “Once upon a time” includes today,
And that there’s at least one discussion forum
Where the relative merits of Saps, Batons, and Sap Gloves
Are fervently discussed.

The phrase “Dojo bunnies” cracked me up.

The brief synopsis of effective strike zones
By a fellow from Tennessee
Gave me the willies.


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