NaPoWriMo Poem for April 23

fraidy cap

light s too bright so let us dim it
here discussing heavy stuffs
fear is awful needs a limit
in a lifetime s starks and roughs

with insurance out of pocket
sees a max and then relief
that fits fear like ball & socket
cortisol & chain & grief

dostoevsky kafka swinburne
shirley jackson stephen king
cast the arts with palls & sinburn
crafted well enough to sting

deaths of philip seymour hoffman
amy winehouse mickey r
films of tarantino scoff man
euver myth across the bar

worldis scary worldis doomful
life is precious too soon gone
we ve delusions by the roomful
taliban to telethon

fear the need for medication
fear the monster fear the whip
fight with calm and dedication
kiss the sweetheart child on hip

cap the fear and tame it quell it
use a focus on a friend
use a handhold then compel it
to a corner to its end


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