Ballade d’amour: NaPoWriMo for April 29

This is my first try at the Ballade form. Suddenly I fell like a teenager again…

Ballade d’amour

Our connection plays hard to get.
Hands held, we are still two, not one.
Longing’s true since before we met;
Fission’s flashing: a Megaton.
We’ve a passion that shines like Sun.
After dusk there is still a glow.
Seeing through what we’ve well begun
Let us learn what we don’t yet know.

Wrestling Chance, we eschew roulette;
Dueling Fate needs no sword, nor gun.
Picking paths through the woods, we let
Intuition rule; stroll, don’t run.
Daze may pass—please excuse the pun—
Nights may whisper to rev and go;
Plans may form and then grind, undone.
Let us learn what we don’t yet know.

Acrobatic, we fuss, and fret,
Caught in spider-webs Doubt has spun.
Locks confined in a tight barrette
May be formed in a braid or bun,
Some light blinds us enough to stun,
Implications may dam the flow.
Still, there’s many ways cats were skun.
Let us learn what we don’t yet know.

Let us face what’s to come, and shun
Desolations where naught will grow.
Lovers leap when misgiving’s None,
THEN they learn what they don’t yet know!



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