NaPoWriMo Poem for April 40th

drifters in the soup

global squirming
has progressed from the one-continent days to here and now
and will do so until our fair planet is engulfed by the swollen and reddening sun

thus eegee the subcontinent india is on continues to crash into asia
heaving up the himalayas ever higher
and icemelt is submerging some shoreline

geopolitics changes artificial borders and names oftener than yearly
meanwhile gravitational lensing is giving us a glimpse of dark matter
which is a well-described substance if ever there was one

our lifebubble still whirls and tangoes with the moon though
and it’s fun to think of the n-dimensional roller coaster we’re on
and it’s to be hoped that the fun will last but alas that is up to us

[note: “eegee” is long for e.g. which is latin for exempli gratia which means “for the sake of example”]

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