NaPoWriMo Poem for April 41st

shakespearean sonnet: shoddily shod soles at stake

erosion of the soles accelerates
through stepping through the asphalt and the gravel
and soul-erosion also lurks and waits
when apathy makes empathy unravel

the thinness of the foot-to-harshness barrier
exacerbates the feel-the-sharp acuteness
like little fangs of lilliput-ish terrier
it worries tender flesh kaputs astuteness

some stubborn souls indulge in masochistic
beyond-the-expiration-date foot-manglement
and put their soles at stake with unholistic
unholy and yet holey wound-entanglement

physician heal thyself and strider likewise
or lose thy chance at heaven heart- and hike-wise

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