Riddle Q/Inference Pattern/Riddle A

Today’s post will be a riddle’s question, followed by an image titled “Inference Pattern” and containing partial text from whose pattern it may be inferred forms “Inference Pattern” (the image also contains checkerboards and other patterns of horizontal and vertical, and a wicked-looking earwiggy caterpillar, or caterpillary earwig, if you prefer), followed by the riddle’s answer. As far as I know the riddle was invented by me some hours ago. The sufficiently smart and/or patient will be able to infer the answer to the riddle prior to seeing it.

Q: What is an orange’s favorite type of furniture?

Inference Pattern



A: An orange’s favorite type of furniture is…

Sectional, of course. [dodges thrown oranges]

PS–The phrase “Inference Pattern” was deliberately modeled after the phrase “Interference Pattern.” An Internet search on “Double-Slit Experiment” will yield extensive discussions on the intereference pattern abtained via this experiment. It is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Universe and the interaction of the observer. Infer from that what you will, my friends!



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