Why Humphrey Bogart Morphed Into Mark Hamill

He did it for the sake of “Further Adventures of Denise and Gary,” thus:

Further Adventures of Denise and Gary: Humphrey Skywalker & Co.

DENISE and GARY are having breakfast at Annie’s, DENISE with a “Vegetarian Scramble” and GARY with a “Mingus Man Breakfast,” ordered on the pretext that May would be the last day for such dietary improprieties. Suddenly GARY gets a mischievous look on his face.

GARY: What did Humphrey Bogart say after he changed to Mark Hamill?
DENISE: I don’t know, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.
GARY: Here’s Luke-ing at you, kid.

DENISE continues to eat. It is as if nothing were said.

GARY: Ah, cmon. [pouts]
DENISE: You’ll be OK in a couple of days.
GARY: Isn’t it good to have an Inner Child? [sways and mugs goofily]
DENISE: Sometimes it’s better to have an Outer Adult.

[GARY stops swaying; there is an awkward pause]

DENISE: You HAVE made me chuckle more than once, though.
GARY: Yeah?
DENISE: Yes. [smiles] Twice. [pats GARY’s hand]

(loosely based on reality)



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