For the Love of a Pooch

It has been more than five years since Bill, great-souled dog of the Family Bowers, breathed his last. Here’s to him.


Fate took us to the shelter, not any agenda
Forces beyond our control, but benign, and a plethora

Of circumstantial oddity eased our leap
Over into not-really “ownership” in one Swell Foop

Remembered times: a lovely fugue in allegro

This is a noble BEAST with an urge to GO

He is brave in the face of Danger and of high ethic
He is patient even though he loves to be manic
He has a sweet disposition–his empathic

Ego is healthy and his FIDELITY is top-notch
Every woof and boof of his is music of his worth

Credit is due my sweet-natured former wife Joni for coining the word ‘boof,’ which rhymes with ‘woof’ and describes the sort of stifled, dewlap-muffled bark Bill would issue, priming his barkmaker for Full Bark Mode. Joni also loved Bill with all her heart, as did Kate.



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