grasp of air/Three With Background

Double Feature day, Friends! First a poem:

grasp of air

the air touches and pushes against my hand
but will not be held by it
eludes my desperate grasp

and the same odd silly desperation obtains
when i try to hold time stiller than one second per second
time pushes against and touches my life
but will not be held by it

instead it mocks with the irony
that i was drooling
and dazed and clueless
a few weeks out of the starting gate
and will be drooling
and dazed and cashing in my last clue
a few weeks before the finish line

it is sixtwentytwofourteen twelvefiftyfourayem
it is sixtwentytwofourteen twelvefiftyfiveayem

seize the day? good luck with that

forge memories? yes you can
some of them will mock you with their irrepetition
some of them will sting you with a new context
some of them will settle you down
some of them will undissolve you

don’t grasp air with your hand
grasp it with your lungs

make memories your art form
your mind the lungs that grasp time

it is sixtwentytwofourteen oneohtwoayem
over but not out for it is and isn’t was

Completing the double feature is the image “Three With Background”:


    • Michel, I thank you for this bolstering vote of confidence! Good to hear from you!

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