Poe/Wet (or Poe, Wet or Po(ew)et)


My childhood was brightened by the darkness of the Master of Horror, Edgar Allan Poe. His language, mannered and on the archaic side, softened the gruesomeness he explored. His poetry could be compelling, and its sometimes labyrinthine rhyme and metronomic meter set a good example for the poetry I myself would soon attempt. His life served as a cautionary tale.

Here are the mannered, on-the-archaic-side words of the double acrostic:

Persnickety in rhyme, I trow
Permits a subtext undertow

One voice would serve as Paraclete

Evocative and haunting–sweet

PS–the EAP quote is slightly altered via brackets and substitution. His word was “intervals;” I like “bouts” better.



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