Welcome To My Derpaverse

So Bubba and Sissy and I were drawing on the folding table. He did a Humpty Dumpty, she did a gazelle head, and I did this:


I have it on good authority that “Derp” means Silly or Stupid, and is so named from the sound made by someone in that state or place. “Derpa” is a variant favored by Sissy, who also drew Derpa Face examples for me. Mention was also made of an exotic creature, the Tripa-Derpa-Huma-corn, which has a horse’s body, three horns, and a Derpa face.

Naturally I wanted my Inner Child to take over on this page. I think he shows up in the non-calligraphy (I won’t be using Calligraphy as a tag this time) and the fade-to-unfinished as we progress down to the bottom of the page. The words are also kid-influenced, but adult-conducted:

Dang it! sang it 20 times but they all sounded off
Dilly-dally helped the tally shower made me coff

Exit shower enter Power Drawing works like Sherpa
EW! to half-ing YES! to Laughing faces a la Derpa

Rigatoni or baloney shines like fine shellac
Roly poly holy moley skate that cul-de-sac

Point your pencil at a stencil fill & then erase
Place a Norn or Huma-corn where Ogres may give chase

Ah, we don’t need a Cheer to lead nor cloned John Philip Sousas
Ah, Wilderness–ah, filled address–ah, fine Derpapaloozas


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