‘Sup, Doc?


This hard-working, compassionate young man, who wears both Front Desk and Home Care hats on the swing shift at Sedona Winds, has just received his medical degree credentials. But when I asked “So, do I call you Doctor Burton now?” he smiled and said please don’t. “Sounds pretentious.” Make that Hard-Working, Compassionate and Modest. In the picture I took of him he was looking straight across the lobby. I tilted his head in this portrait so he could have a glimpse of his bright future. I think I subconsciously added a touch of “Richard Chamberlain as Doctor Kildare.”

Here are the words, which trade off a little metronomicity for heartofthematteritiveness:

‘S a turmoiled trail to get a man Doctor’d
‘S a hoop jump and slicer whilst prodded and proctor’d

Uphill pushing boulders–you slip?–down you go
Unending anatomies flung to and fro

Persistence will lead to an office or clinic
Perspective will keep you from being a cynic




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