Foom-Bozzle-Wozzle (Part 2)

In Foom-Bozzle-Wozzle (Part 1) I promised to acrosticize and otherwise complete my portrait of Marty (the) K. Here is the fulfillment of that promise, epigrammed with some words about words that John Lennon wrote in his “Across the Universe,” which I think may well apply to Marty K’s glossolalic neologisms:


Here are the words to the acrostic:

Mystery in listening to words that none might grok
Addled yet athletic like a mouthful from a geek
Roisterous, yes–nonetheless they celebrate, not mock
The onomatopoeia puts the genius to the freak
You’d swear there was some Cosmic Truth these words express–or seek

This is not my first go-round with a Marty K page. In the very early days of my art journal, Marty’s birthday, 2007, I did one of him and the immortal Marty Robbins, celebrating not only Marty’s birthday but the fact that there was another Marty from Glendale who was a big trouble-maker. Here is most of that earlier page:


And here are the words to the acrostic, though I shudder to transcribe them:

Marty K and Marty Robbins
Are two Glendale ne’er-do-wells
You know, I bet between the two

They must’ve raised a thousand hells
However, truly we can say
Entire worlds about them
You know, THIS world would never be

As near the same without them.
Clasp hands in spirit, Marty, Marty;
Engage like souls in fun and party.

Speaking of Partying, and Marty’s Birthday, let me close Part 2 by revealing (with Marty’s gracious permission) that his last name is Klass, pronounced “class,” and that I wrote this limerick on the occasion of his 45th birthday:

You’re a fellow of dubious piety
And all-too-infrequent sobriety.
Happy 45th, Marty!
How you act at a party
Makes me yearn for a Klassless society.

Ever the best of friends…


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