The Elusive Jonquill’d Koala–FOUND!

Back in Aught-Eight, I did a quintuple acrostic that was the equivalent of a hole in one in golf, or a Royal Flush in poker. And, joy of joys, the acrostic itself listed the five cards that a Royal Flush has, in numerical order: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve wanted to feature that acrostic–but I couldn’t find it…till today. Here it is:


Transcription: “The jonquill’d koala embraces seek/find sync now knowing–glee.” Ten words. Quintuple acrostic. Hole in one; royal flush.

To celebrate, today I did another, more literal Royal Flush, thus:



Rarities are wondrous stuff
Olallaberry with falafel
Yes, iffy thens uneff a snafu
A fine evolvement fair unscuffs us
Lufthansa, loft that fluffy loofah

Final thought: Nothing that has already happened is improbable.


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