Colleen Kennedy, Part 1


I have had the privilege of knowing Professor Colleen Kennedy, pictured and acrosticized above, since my sophomore year in high school. It was chiefly she who secured the Glendale High School Circus Minimus team their stunning victory at one of the annual Junior Classical League conventions. (I was on the team as well, but I was worse than useless, and we won in spite rather than because of me. Colleen was the one who supplied the answers, for instance that it was Phaethon who almost burned up the Earth with his dad Apollo’s fiery carriage before Zeus did him in with a thunderbolt.) I lost track of Colleen after high school, and found her again via Facebook, that marvelous finder of lost acquaintances.

I had wanted to render Colleen in inkwash, with both the above acrostic and a sonnet of her fourteen-letter name, in this post. Alas, I have run out of the time I set for myself to do so. But it is actually better this way: the page would have been far too busy with all of those words on it. So Part 2 will have a portrait of Colleen in inkwash, and a sonnet (only half constructed as of this writing) beneath the portrait. I’ll also say a little about her remarkable career.

The words to this one:

Combine a supple willow with a strong majestic oak
Or titanalloy bike wheel card&clothespinned on a spoke
Let Hell & Heaven honeymoon beyond the Blakean ken
Loose Loomcraft on a tapestry your only tool a pen
Eject all negativity INject a dose of Glee
Express a jazz-riffed sentiment delivered R F D
Now you’ve a bluesy CK minded indisputably

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