Soul Duet


There’s an adagey acronym applicable to public speaking and other forms of persuasion: KISS. The mean-spirited version is “Keep It Simple, Stupid;” the kinder, gentler, Humphrey Bogart is “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.” Trying this blend of word and image was both a KISS and a KITTY. KITTY is “Keep It True–Thank You.” But of course it is not true. These people do not exist. The trees in the background are not even close to oaks. The box framing the words is a box of expedience.

But the KITTY came from constant erasure and retry, attempting to channel something real without superimposing personal baggage. (Is that possible?) The couple look like no one I know. I like these two. It looks like they struggle and win, and being together helps big time. The words are their essence.

Sought and found
Soft and sound
Oaks’ milieu
Oft says you
Urge and place
Ups her grace
Lo, tonight
Love is right



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