Carol Hogan, Cutter of Sand


Carol Hogan is a cutter of sand two ways. First, she’s the editor of SANDCUTTERS, the quarterly publication of the Arizona State Poetry Society. It was she who raised the publication from a black&white chapbook to a color-covered nicepaper showcase with a real spine.

Second, she’s always drawing lines in the sand. She is a female Don Quixote, tilting against the Koch Brothers and other creatures of corporate greed. I’d cast her as Galdalf in a gender-bending version of LORD OF THE RINGS, standing on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm and telling the Balrog “You cannot pass!!” in her quivery voice. (Carol says she lost her voice some time ago, but I did not get details.)

Last Saturday Carol came to my mother’s house to photograph various of my ceramic works. She intends to feature me in SANDCUTTERS as the next in her series of poets who are also artists. She and Mom hit it off well, and there is talk of future visits.

Here are the words to Carol’s double acrostic:

Clasp a tempest–Oh! Oh! Oh
And the beaches stir her so
Rioting with verse & blog
OUT the blahs and ON the gaga
Living on a swift toboggan

  1. Jim said:

    I think the Gandalf comparison is rather fitting. For much of my life, despite any shortcomings parents sometimes have in their grown children’s eyes, I can say one thing Mom was never short on was encouraging me to let my creativity carry me through low times. Much of my creative life came out of Mom’s creativity, our family’s fascination with Tolkein, and Mom fostering my love for comic books.

    • Jim, thanks so much for commenting! As fate would have it, a headline reading something like “Tapestry for the Battle of Five armies revealed” showed up on my feed today. What a great double date it would be, taking our moms to that movie. [smile]

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