Dewey in the Midst of Erratic


Dewey is a rat, and a fun one at that; so says my replacement on the Graveyard Shift, who is Dewey’s human.

Why is Dewey in the midst of Erratic? Just my erRATic sense of play at humor, and vice versa.

Here are the words to the quintuplesque acrostic:

Histrionic nonmouse idling-whiskered bulby-eyed
Eats preys scampers madly–synchronicity gone wide
Let the record show and tell a rat’s lot’s tough and low
Loathsome inhumanity yields rocky rows to hoe
O for Pizza cheesy with a crust that’s not too doughy

(Dewey really does eat pizza.)

  1. aletifer said:

    That’s a great drawing & acrostic. šŸ™‚ Does he prefer traditional pizza or the kind with weird alternative sauces?

    • Thanks! I’m afraid I don’t know him well enough to say–but I’ll find out. To quote a learned grammarian–stay tuned! šŸ™‚

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