Meet Lena Furbena


Yesterday I was behind the desk at the Independent Living Retirement Community where I work, and Laura, the Pet Visit lady, offered me any of the three photos of the pet, one Lena Furbena, she’d brought to visit. I selected one and asked permission to use it as a photo source for an illustrated poem. Laura kindly granted permission, and here we are.

Lena has her own Facebook page. Here is a link: She claims study at Yavapai College and work at Bossa Rosa. Apparently she enjoys moonlit walks and dirt baths.

I don’t know her well, but from the vibe I got from my brief visit with her, this emerged:

Love-Kitties often loll & paw & goof
Lick sharpened claws & blink & blink at you
Enjoying your discomfiture, they purr
Enjoined, they do a thing that lacks a verb
Now Cat & Human share a warmth serene
No discord interferes with what they glean
An afternoon in Harmony’s corona
A Love-Cat LIVES in Northern Arizona


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