Here’s to the Village Gallery of Local Artists

Last Friday was my last official day at the Village Gallery, though I’d taken my display down the day before, after my last scheduled shift. It was a tough decision to make, to leave. Just have too much going on right now to be able to sustain my space with fresh merchandise. I will miss the Gallery, I know, because I already do.


Verde Valley boasts a space ideal for artful browsing
Varicolored works await delightful and arousing
It’s a pleasure forty-fold to stroll through this arena
Innovative form and function green as spirulina
Let’s behold batik as painting–speckling up a wall
Look nearby and wooden masks may sing a siren’s call
And percussionists may bang propane tanks if they dare
Gaze into kaleidoscopic-vistaed light and air
Everyone may look to heart’s content–you need not buy
Even so–such bargains! Guaranteed–give them a try


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