The Non-Awaited Sequel to “Poodle Noodle Doodle Strudel”

On December 17, 2012, “Poodle Noodle Doodle Strudel” became the 15th post on this blog. The stats say it’s been viewed far more often than the average post–perhaps the title intrigues people, or perhaps it invites repeated viewing. Who knows?

What is known is last night I was thinking of words that rhyme with “channel,” and when my garbage-can brain stumbled on “Dan’l” I knew it was time for a similar post to “”Poodle Noodle Doodle Strudel.” I give you “Channel Panel Dan’l Flannel.”


Channel Panel Dan’l Flannel

Comedies have players with fedoras fit to doff
HAppenstances vary: “I can handle this” to Awful
Narrow straits aren’t passed without a charted course and plan
Napless kilts have patterns that DON’T disregard one’s clan
Enigmatic trailblazer’s life’s a villanelle
Let us with a rectangle REVEAL the tale we tell

Note that the drawings are the acrostic in counterclockwise order, and lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 directly or obliquely describe the drawings in their clockwise order. That’s just whim on a psychic gyroscope.


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