sweaty equity

The term “sweat equity” is used to describe a homeowner’s labor applied to the improvement of the home owned. The hope is that all that elbow grease increases the home’s value.

Our bodies are the homes of our souls. When we go to the street or the gym or the trails and sweat up a storm, the hope is that all that racing heartrate and laboring lungs will increase the value of our dwellings of flesh.

My fitness has been up and down this year. My latest bloodwork indicates that my non-diabetic status is hanging by a thread, my “bad” cholesterol is rotten to the core, and my triglycerides are getting too big for their britches. Consequently I’m trying to be good again. So far I’ve gone to the gym every day in November. After today’s workout I took a phone-camera picture of my soaked T-Shirt, and combined it with text, tweaked it some in MS Paint, and here’s what I got:

sweaty equity 111014

Friends, I’ve backslid before. I’m sure many of you have been there as well. Let’s keep our yo-yos up for good this time!


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