KIL(planet)TER, or A Planet Out of Kilter


Equilibrium-seeking is in our DNA, and also in the admonitions of those grade-school teachers who told us to Sit Up Straight. We don’t have an opposite of the word dizzy, do we? And, misogynites that we are, we never refer to a dizzy dude, although “he’s a half bubble off level” is some places’ parlance for “he’s crazy.”

So I came to Kilter today. I doodled some rounded-sided triangles, which seem to me to be benign, friendly, balanced shapes. But I played them off each other and cut holes in them to see if they would jangle. They still seem pleasant, if a bit spicy.

Keep upright
In balance
Lose teeter

Wanting simplicity, I wrote the acrostic with a minimum of words. I didn’t plan “planet;” it just popped out. Irony was introduced via the upside-down signature/date, and by tilting the sketchpad on the scanner. It’s fun, but is it Art? Tell me, please…


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