robert tiger h. cosby, jr.

a gift from scotland
from my daughter:
the complete poetical works of robert burns
with lavish color plates

quoth the second paragraph of the introduction:
“By Jean Armour he had nine children,
but he fathered bairns
on Elizabeth Paton,
Jenny Chow,
Ann Park,
and Helen Armstrong.
Margaret ‘Highland Mary’ Campbell may have died in childbirth,
while Margaret ‘May’ Cameron took out a paternity suit against him
(though this was dropped after she aborted or miscarried).
In the context of his time, however, such behaviour
(and its consequences)
were by no means uncommon.”

can i get a holy moly?

monuments aplenty were raised bearing the name of robert burns.

tiger woods is paying for his profligacy
to the tune of many lifetime incomes in the middle-class range.
his swing is off and many think he is washed up.

as for william h. cosby, jr.,
i mourn the man i thought he was
who i now think doesn’t exist.


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