the search for avery soffen


here is how a poem doesn’t get written: the notion
was to find a name phonetically similar to the phrase “every so often”
and use it to springboard wordplay

“avery soffen” quickly occurred to the poet
but the poet didn’t even know that soffen was a name

it is and moreover no one need be impugned
for although “soffen” yields many search results
“avery soffen” yields “no records match your search”

but in the course of soffen-searching one dr. gerald soffen showed up
he was a project scientist for nasa and coordinated the work of seventy scientists nationwide
they were conducting unmanned scientific experiments on mars via the viking program
and so dr. soffen was among the first practicing exobiologists

every so often
a poet realizes he is a court jester or at best shakespeare’s fool
and is overwhelmed by the difference between flimsy wordplay and the real advancement of humanity

  1. Brock said:

    Perhaps while searching for Avery Soffen, you stumbled past the alley in which Ovary Soffen was sleeping in a back-diner dumpster:

    Dr. Edward Soffen is a medical specialist in radiation oncology. His areas of expertise include lung cancer, gamma knife radiosurgery, and ovarian cancer.

  2. Brock, Dr. Edward M. Soffen does appear to be the real deal, and worthy of a limerick:

    Doc Soffen? A smart centenarian
    Be she urban or offroad/riparian
    May employ Dr. Ed,
    An oncologist fed
    On the gamma-zap healings ovarian.

    Your musings led me to search for Ivory Soffen, notorious tusk-poacher, and I got ONE result, for cell phone spy software, making near-zero sense–like Life itself.

    Great to hear from you, Friend!

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