Kid stuff as rejuvenative force

Denise’s family is visiting. Her granddaughter was drawing, and I offered her $2 to draw Dixon, the family dog. She accepted the challenge but declined payment. “How about this?” I counteroffered. “You draw Dixon, and I’ll draw whatever you want, and we’ll trade.” She asked for a cute pig. I asked for the pig’s name and she said Phillip. I drew this:


She drew this, and I’d say I got the better end of the bargain:


Exchanging kid stuff proves to me that you’re NOT only a kid once. You can be a kid any time you draw pictures with another kid.

  1. Lee-Ann said:

    I had a big smile at the beginning, and am tremendously inspired at the end.
    Thank you for this 😀

    • So glad you felt that way, and grateful that you told me, Lee-Ann! Many thanks!

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