Three Yogis/Happy Birthday, Brian

three yogis 2


The world tells one big story
However, many subplots lie doggo
Regard him who observes by looking
Enjoy a pic-a-nic basket with undotted i
Enfold your unself in a tale of thronged Siddhis

I hope Hanna-Barbera will take this all in good fun, and not as copyright-infringeable territory. After all, they cheerfully “borrowed” characters from THE HONEYMOONERS for their Flintstones and Rubbles.

Yogi Berra is a national treasure, whose “You can observe a lot by looking” is a good first lesson in portraiture. Long live Lorenzo Pietro Berra!

I was going to work “A tale of three Siddhis” into the poem but I have a quirkish aversion to including a word in the body of the poem that is also one of the words of the acrostic–not that I haven’t violated that stricture from time to time.


My younger brother Brian is Nifty-Great today. Well, RHYMES with Nifty-Great, anyway. He and I rebonded in brotherhood yesterday via yardwork and bulk trash hauling. Long live Brian Clemens Bowers!


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