Learning the Saxophone (part 1)

For reasons that will be explained in a future post, I’ve begun to be immersed in the world of jazz, focusing on the tenor saxophone. The above title refers to a VISUAL learning, and not learning to play, though I’ve got a little background in clarinet and have sometimes daydreamed about taking up the sax.

At any rate, though I am lightyears from knowing this marvelously-shaped instrument, I have started seeing saxophones where there are none, in the shape of streetlights, swans from the neck up, and playground slides. My goal is to be able to draw a convincing tenor sax from various angles without having to rely on a photo source. To that end, I’ve done a lot of looking and a little sketching, as revealed here . . .

dexter gee 022315

  1. Looks quite good already! But I hope it is not just a visual learning, but also a audio one!

    • Absolutely, jt! If I haven’t heard it, I can’t report it, can I? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, both in your comment and on your blog post. Confidence is definitely key. Experience helps build it up!

      • Thanks. I think that the Saxophone is such a cool looking instrument. It’s like the Frankenstein of instruments if you ask professors. My music teacher said,”who would ever think of putting a mouthpiece on a brass instrument? That’s crazy!” He was joking with us because me and my friends were “experimenting” by making new instruments EX) Put a saxophone mouthpiece on a trombone and vice versa. It actually sounds pretty cool when you do it.

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