National Poetry Writing Month, unvisited

Last April I was such an enthusiastic participant in National Poetry Writing Month that I wrote 44 poems in 30 days, posting them on this blog. This time around I did not participate, though of course I’ve written some poetry this month, including “the apotheosis of abigail van buren,” posted yesterday. Now I find I’m vaguely tempted to do 30 poems in 5 days. Let me not do so, please, O Muse. Let me just write one GOOD poem.

It’s 7:29 PM, local time. I have no idea what I’m about to write. I’ll stop at 8:00 PM.

WUTM Radio

Awaken. Stretch. Remember how clumsy you are.
Drain. Aim. Tidy up. Flush. Lave.
Yawn. Coffee–now. Scoop twice. Careful. Fill reservoir. Press and wait.

Pour. Not too much. Tear open two packets. Spill granules. Untwist cap. Pour.
Walk with care. Install fundament in plushness. Lift. Sip–too much. Cough.

Sip . Sip. Sip more. Sip. Sip. Greet.
The cat slinks. The tube intones. Stroke the cat. Listen to the news.
Sip and then some. Drink. Boot up.
Read. Frown. Snarl. Click ‘Reply.’ Percuss.
Read. smile. Click ‘Reply.’ Woo. Airkiss.

It is most blues songs. The blue is a powder blue today.

Woke up this mornin
And the sunshine squint my eyes
Yeah I woke up this MORnin
And the sunshine shoehorn pries
Got a fuzz goin on in my head o baby
And a NEED for a fresh pack a lies


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