All-Caps ART–and It’s Mine All Mine!

10426275_10203751842664959_6033008096862755325_n (1)

Here, as Paul Harvey used to say, is The Rest of the Story regarding my transaction with Rachelle Olsen (see last post). Rachelle and I got together at the Clarendon Hotel in central Phoenix, where she was displaying at a phenomenal exhibition called ARTELPHX 2015. She had my painting, but it was not the painting she’d initially offered (see last post). Instead, it was “Koi III,” a painting I had publicly expressed a particular fondness for. It had been on display at the Fair Trade Cafe with a price tag of $275–and believe me, that’s a bargain. Even at the price it represents the highest payment-in-kind per hour I’ve ever made writing. (Previous record $26.00/hr. Nice work when I could get it!)

Ownership of this magnificent painting has its perks. The image makes a fine screen saver and can be photoedited to suit a mood or occasion. And doing so aptly demonstrates that there is nothing like the real thing.

10426275_10203751842664959_6033008096862755325_n (1)~2IMG_20150516_211348
10426275_10203751842664959_6033008096862755325_n (1)~410426275_10203751842664959_6033008096862755325_n (1)~3


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