Mad Men: the Punchline

I just finished watching the climactic conclusion to MAD MEN, which has been hyped to pieces and made the capstone to a binge-watching marathon. I trust it won’t spoil things for those who haven’t yet viewed it to say that I hope that the Coca-Cola Company paid through the nose for what must be the ultimate Product Placement. I also wonder if the series was conceived with this punchline in mind. I note the precise timing of the ending with one of the most famous happenings in advertising history.

Remember the scene in WAYNE’S WORLD where Wayne and Garth scoff at “selling out,” all the while holding up blatant product-placement products? Pepsi was one of those products. I wonder if this whole series was Coke’s revenge.


Mad (brought to you by Coca-Cola?) Men

Merchandising brought this dream
M I N E D to order per a scheme
AVARICE, you weave your lace
And you net by product’s place
Does this coca-chewing clan
Deal in…cola? That’s the plan


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