I.C.A.D. Day 16 — Greeting Card

It’s easy to draw a post. Then put a word balloon that says “Huh?”with it, and it’s more of a clue that it’s a post, as in Deaf As A… Do that on an Index Card, and behold, you have a Post Card.

Or draw a poser on it–Posed Card. Or a lady taking off her dress (ooh!) and putting on another one–Change Of A Dress card.

Open window with breeze wafting in–Draft Card. Storefront–Business Card. One-watt light bulb–guess!

Nope, that ain’t it. But nice try.

Watt: A Card! And what a Dimbulb I am to go on and on about this. I’m getting a racing heartbeat from all the Tacky-Card-ia.

Here’s the Real Deal, my friends:

greeting card 061615


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