the need to become someone else

dissatisfaction engenders achievement
achievement makes a person a different version of [her]self

a student may speak of “when i get my master’s”
meaning that there’s a master’s degree afloat in the future
that was always hers

but it was not
she needed  to become someone else to get it

“baby remember my name” sang the songbird irene cara
on her way to becoming someone else who bore the same name

and in the movie FAME in which she starred she was a victim
a sleazy wannabe movie director “auditioned” her
directing/commanding her to remove her top
and because her character burned so to become someone else
she did remove her top
and she cried with shame while doing so

and my humble opinion is her modesty so fueled her acting
that it was not acting
and i cried with and  for her

“and in time we will all be stars” is also in that revealing film

believe it friend

it makes it more true


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