not another bird! (riiiiigggghhhht.)

I have a lifelong friend (see “Foom-Bozzle-Wozzle,” parts 1 and 2) who has kept a watercolor sketch of mine, purchased by him for $2, above his commode for more than five years. It is in line-of-sight for any man facing the commode as he steps up to it to do his business. My friend says of the sketch, “It speaks to me.” Here is the sketch:

birds 090615

Birds and spoons have been my copilots in creation for a long time. After midnight last night, I began to sketch yet another bird. “Not ANOTHER bird!” I moaned, and a new triple-acrostic was born:

not another bird 091315

Nested dreamers rub a dub
Nooks & crannies join the club
Ocelots take no such stair
Often we bequeathe an heir
Trinkets coveted & loom’d
Taking comfort they’re undoom’d

For good or ill, there will be birds (and spoons) in this journal’s future.


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