Friends, I have not stopped drawing, but I have stopped drawing well. I have lost my groove. It will come back in time and with perseverance, but little I do lately is worth the second out of your life it would take to see it. Here are two that are of at least clinical interest:


Here is a near-disastrous foray into oil pastels and ink. It’s OK for the preservation of some ideas, but the execution is awful.



Here’s a sketch I did today in preparation of a possible collaborative effort, a children’s book inspired by that little girl who took a “runt of the litter” horse and won a hundred-thousand-dollar purse in harness racing. Many, MANY more sketches must follow it the effort is to be at all successful.

Back to the drawing board. It’s not that “I got nothin'”–it’s that “I got nothin’ good enough.” Luckily, for a while, I have Time. And it’s Time to get more Determination.



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