Wendi SOARensen

Wendi SOARensen

Whirling on the potter’s wheel-pristine
Energy enfolds her–velveteen
Nor dare the negative oppress
Discernment; Artisan finesse
In crafting ware that’s singular & clean

Today Wendi Sorensen, one-time (and for all I know, still-is) international corporate attorney, put her wares on display for a holiday sale. She has worked steadily and hard to achieve that lighter-than-air feeling a master potter may impart to the ware. Several years ago her work showed that her heart was in the right place, and, with the right amount of effort and perseverance, could shine. Today it shone, and I was glad to congratulate her on her marvelous achievement.

She happily agreed to the “mug shot” below. The mug was still hot from its 18-hour incubation in her Skutt electric kiln; thus the protective gloves. The glaze is cone 5; the fine shape is pure elbow grease applied over years and years of wheel-wielding.


She is a good soul, and though I see her only once in a blue moon (the time before today was at the now-long-defunct Unlimited Coffee), I always come away from our reconnectings filled with her good energy. Soar on, Ms. Sorensen!!


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