Zen Foodism

The library is closing in 15 minutes, so this will be brief. Four weeks ago I became employed by a corporation that manages several restaurant chains. In the course of my employ I’ve been on my feet every working minute, and have not only lost several pounds but have also had a good insider’s look at what happens in a quality restaurant. When a customer spontaneously says “It was wonderful” or “That’s the been airport food I’ve ever had” on her or his way out, and that’s happened many times in these weeks, it means much more than that they had a good meal. They traded a segment of their irreplaceable lifetime and were happy with value received, even though they could have saved money and time with alternative sources of nutrition. That well-being will improve their digestion, their outlook on life, and (given that we cook from scratch with fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients) their very bodies, incorporating the ingested nutrient into their cell structures. Win-win-win–almost Zennish.

  1. Sergio said:

    Feliz Navidad y prospero 2916 Pajarito!

    Tu Viejo amigo


    • Felix Navidad, Sergio! I will pass your good wishes on to Socorro right away!

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