it is the illness speaking

these words come through an addled head
whose attention is fractured by coughs and snuffs and muscle cramps

there’s relief on the horizon
for it was worse yesterday and worse yet the day before and much worse before that

but the illness bids me write
telling me there is something important i cannot say when well

telling me “in vino veritas” (in wine there is truth)
may take a back seat to “in malum veritas” (substitute ‘illness’)

telling me to tell you that illness is not all microorganistic in nature
that the body’s ills are more easily conquerable than the spirit’s

and that there is an epidemic
symptoms: hatred, blame, impulse to destruct, ungenerosity

and that each spirit must find its own cure
and in doing so will encounter a new symptom: despair


well, i’m going back to bed, for bedrest has been helpful
and i am going to love you all, unjudgmentally

  1. be well, make sure an antiseptic friend is within your reach

    • Thanks so much, dear Marlyn/Kintal! I’ll also look at a couple of your remarkable poem/image blends. They too are good medicine!

  2. Are those the symptoms, or the causes of the malady? When the latter, the cures are clear and no side effects. Hugs, love, blessings and cosmic energy for your recovery old friend.

    • Good question, mon vieux. With illness of the spirit the label ‘evil influence’ describes the malady, but inaccurately–words aren’t magical. And I’m glad to report the wellness is returning. Hugs and love to you!

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