Four Deadly Words



The four deadly words are, obviously, Iced Lemon Shortbread Cookies. Those words form a perfect storm of irresistible temptation. And when I saw them at the Family Dollar for less than $2.00 the package, I quickly became a lost soul.

For one of the Seven Deadly Sins is Gluttony. Gluttony is my personal subdemon under the umbrella demon Addictive Personality. Don’t bet me I can’t eat just one; A), I can’t; B) I shouldn’t be gambling, since my fearsomest subdemon is Gamblin’ Fool.

There’s this great guy I met on the Internet when his username was VTOL (Vertical TakeOff & Landing). Now he’s Coop to me. We’ve been cracking each other up–his fake movie posters and album covers, my photo captions–for over seven years. But sometimes we get more thoughtful, and Coop recently averred that as we evolve, so too do our demons. Mine are tamer, now, thank Goodness–but I still ate all damnably delicious 1200 calories of those cookies in two goes in one day.

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